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Technology that creates a wormhole that allows travel between planets. Originally designed by the Eloh, this device allowed them to travel among the cosmos at breakneck speed (Built by the Humans, the picture shows a rough version of what a more sophisticated portal would look like.)

Trivia Edit

General British was instrumental in using the Eloh’s Technology to open the wormholes that became humanities salvation, and in training new recruits in the power of Logos so that we may some day be free from the Bane’s oppression.

Wormhole network Edit

You can only travel between planets; for traveling between continents or zones, use dropships. Wormholes connections are opened to next Zone before visiting the target location. After visiting the wormhole you can get there from any wormhole from different planet. Because of this you can get to end-game zone Howling Maw as soon as you get to Foreas Base (tested with level 9 character on 14th December 2007)

Foreas Foreas

Concordia Divide: Foreas Base
Preconnected to: Plains: Irendas Penal Colony

Valverde Plateau: Fort Defiance
Preconnected to: Crucible: Outpost Interpid

Valverde Descent: A.F.S. Fort Virgil

Valverde Howling Maw: Gangus Outpost


Arieki Arieki

Torden Plains: Irendas Penal Colony
Preconnected to: Plateau: Fort Defiance

Ligo Crucible: Outpost Interpid
Preconnected to: Abyss: Icarus Post

Torden Abyss: Icarus Post
Preconnected to: Descent: A.F.S. Fort Virgil
Preconnected to: Howling Maw: Gangus Outpost

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