Wilderness Targets of Opportunity
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Lieutenant Colonel Cimoch
- Location: Alia Das
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 20,000
Credits: None

Clone Credit Clone Credit AND
Title Master of Wilderness

Overview Overview Edit

You can earn special ranks and commendations by taking advantage of opportunities on the battlefield. Keep an eye out for Targets of Opportunity throughout Wilderness, and try to complete them all! When you have completed all of the Targets of Opportunity on Wilderness, report back to Lieutenant Colonel Cimoch at Alia Das.

If at any time you abort this mission and then decide to restart it later, not all 10 of the opportunities will be listed in your mission tracker (specifically, the story-based missions won't be listed as tasks to complete). However, this does not stop you from going back and completing the targets of opportunities. When you revisit the caves, kill off the required enemies, etc., the game will give you credit for them.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Complete All 10 Targets of Opportunity
Complete All Ten Targets of Opportunity Objectives on Wilderness.
Title Wilderness Pathfinder: Acquire all of the AFS Waypoints on Wilderness.
Title Wilderness Thrax Hunter: Kill 200 Thrax soldiers on Wilderness.
Title Wilderness Exterminator: Kill 40 Miasmas on Wilderness.
Title Wilderness Bug Zapper: Kill 40 Xanx on Wilderness.
Title Wilderness Bot Stomper: Destroy 30 Shield Drones on Wilderness.
Title Wilderness Assassin: Kill all 6 Thrax Wilderness Officers: Glognar, Phlegg, Rankash, Horntail, Old Scratch and Archfiend!
Title Wilderness Mentalist: Collect all of the Logos elements on Wilderness.
  • Complete 3 Wilderness Operations!
Title Wilderness Operative: Complete the primary objectives in the Wilderness Operations Pravus Research Facility, Caves of Donn and Crater Lake Research Facility.
Title Wilderness Spelunker: Visit every cave on Wilderness.
  • Complete Wilderness Story Missions!
Title Wilderness Veteran: Complete all of the story-related missions on Wilderness, Pravus Research, Caves of Donn and Crater Lake Research Facility.

Dialogue Dialogue Edit


Lieutenant Colonel Cimoch:

You can wait for great opportunities, or you can seize a common occurrence and make it great. Weak soldiers wait for opportunities; strong soldiers make them.
You want to make a name for yourself? Maybe even get a commendation placed in your permanent record? Keep an eye out for those opportunities and seize them!
Keep your eyes open out there on the battlefield and you'll know what I'm talking about when the time comes. Make me proud!


Lieutenant Colonel Cimoch:

You're one of the finest natural born soldiers I've ever seen come out of Boot Camp! If you keep taking advantage of your opportunities the way you have here on Wilderness, you're going to go far.
I'll tell you, a few hundred more soldiers with your grit and we could take Earth back and send the Bane straight to Hell, where they belong!

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Wilderness Logos Edit

Logos in Wilderness

List of caves Edit

Special Note: If you're trying to complete the Wilderness Targets of Opportunity mission and are sitting at 5/6 caves visited; try checking back at the first cave (Alia Caverns). Most people take ToO after visiting this cave therefore it wasn't "visited" while on the mission.