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Type: Biological
Weak To: Physical Physical
Resists: none
Immune To: Electric Electric


Combinations between bats and bees, Warnets fire a concentrated electric burst, and are particularly lethal in groups, as they are most often found. The queens are particularly deadly, as they have a stun attack and are much more resilient. Warnet Nests can sometimes be found in the general proximity of warnet groups. The monsters are surprisingly persistent, and generally manage to call their friends to attack in tandem. Thankfully, their short-ranged lightning bursts and tendency to clump together makes them ideal prey for shotguns and other area-of-effect attacks, such as Fire Support.

It is not recommended to disturb warnet nests unless required to do so in a quest, as this does not reduce the local population, and generally just spawns a particularly tough queen to pester you. DescriptionEdit

Physical TraitsEdit

Warnets are small, wasp like creatures about the size of a large bird of prey.

Damage TypeEdit

Physical, Electrical

Weapons UsedEdit

Warnets use natural weapons to bite and sting their victims.

Special AttacksEdit

Warnet queens are able to release energy an energy discharge and their attacks have been reported to stun victims.


Protective Exoskeleton


Classified Physical

Attack RangeEdit

Melee to Short Range


Queens are not found more than five meters from the hive. Soldiers not more than ten. The size of the nesting area determines the amount of warnets in the area. Warnet/Playtr