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In v. notes: Vortex: Slightly Reduced Recover

Disambiguous.png This article is about the Guardian ability Vortex, if you were looking for the Logos element Vortex then see Vortex (logos).


Type: Ability
Class: Guardian Guardian
Tier: 4
Logos Required
Near Near
Area Area
Enemy Enemy
Summon Summon

Vortex is an ability of the Guardian class. "Draws nearby unfriendlies forcefully towards the user with a vortex of kinetic force. This damages the drawn-in enemies and also does a small amount of damage to the user. The process is distracting and often causes the user to become the focus of aggression by the affected hostiles."

  • Draws nearby enemies toward the guardian’s location
  • This effect focuses the enemies’ aggression on the guardian, away from other group members
  • Higher levels of training increase Vortex’s area of effect


Vortex is a great ability. When used it will pull all the enemies it effects into a tight group right in front of you. This is a perfect time to use cone weapons (shotguns or Proppelant guns) or use Area of effect logos abilities (like carpet bombs). Keep in mind that the ability can miss but in my experience it rarely does.

The power drain of Vortex can seem small but when you have to use it 2 or 3 times in a single fight it can become daunting, especially at higher levels. I recomend investing several points into mind and spirit because of that and if possible a steal power modification on your staff will also help.

A common question I hear from aspiring guardians is how many points do I need in vortex. My answer is as many as you think you need. I personaly found the 2nd rank to be ideal for me but later I picked up the 5th rank mostly because I had spare points and nothing to spend it on. However I found that the larger radius only made my job of keeping enemies off my squadmates much easier. Experiment when you first become a guardian, spend 1 point on vortex and try it out in instances. If the radius seems too small get the next rank and try again. Repeat until you find the rank that works for you.


Skill level I II III IV V
Damage Rating: Medium
Radius of Effect: 6m 9m 12m 15m 18m
Power cost: 60 70 80 90 100