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"The L-shaped Tetris Block, not the pansy 4x1 block"


Hi, I'm one of the two guys who started this wiki (the other one being TonyV) and I am an admin (bureaucrat), so if you need help with anything, I'll try to take care of it.

Virtual Life[]

Tabula Rasa wiki[]

Tabula Rasa is #1 on my personal list of most anticipated games for 2007. And since I think that every game should have its own wiki I started a wiki for it on Wikia before I was even invited to become a beta tester. After I became a beta tester things became a bit more complicated because the Wikia wiki is public, and confidential information must not be added to it. Fortunatly, TonyV offered to set up a private wiki with proper acccess control, only readable for beta testers, suitable for confidential information. He copied the basic stuff over from Wikia, and we started working from there, adding more stuff.

Previous wikis[]

I learned the ropes of building a wiki at GuildWiki, where I've been an active contributor for almost 2 years and eventually an admin. GuildWiki is a wiki about Guild Wars, and is now one of the biggest computer game related wikis on the internet. I've had a great time on GuildWiki, and I'm proud of what we've acomplished.

Previous games[]

Guild Wars is the game that I've been playing avidly for the past 2 years, but it turns out that I'm finally bored by it. I still think that GW is a very fine game, but it's only natural that even the best game in the world will eventually feel dull.

I have to say that I'm somewhat bored by MMORGP game mechanics in general. This article really got me thinking. In future, whenever I start a new MMORPG I'll always judge the game by the key question: "Would the game be worth playing if it wasn't with a persistent character?"

Before Guild Wars I played mostly first-person shooters mixed with occasional strategy games. I've been playing computer games ever since I was 14. If you're interested, see my personal gaming history.

My online nickname[]

Contrary to what my nickname implies, I'm not into playing Tetris. The name started as a joke based on this, back in the days when I was a hardcore Unreal Tournament player, but eventually I liked it better than my previous nickname and sticked to it. I've been using it for more than 5 years now, in all games that I've played and on all forums that I've frequented. I'm not aware of anyone else using that nick, so if you see someone with that name somewhere, chances are it's me. Say Hi!

Real Life[]

Male, 36 years old, married, 1 kid (soon to be 2), 2.04 m (6'7") tall, process engineer working in power plant design.

I'm German, but I've lived and worked in Switzerland for 4 years, India for ½ year, Dubai/UAE for ½ year, USA/Mexico for ¼ year, and various other places around the world for shorter periods. Currently I'm living nearby Düsseldorf, Germany (GMT+1).

If you want to see an ugly mugshot of me, try this one (showing me on hiking vacation in Ireland). Don't say I didn't warn you! ;)


If you want to contact me, you can