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A kitty that has somehow ended up here, who knows what mischief this might bring!

o.o I'm still here, just don't have an active account right now with the game. If anyone needs some admin work done and they can't get a hold of one of the active ones, leave me a note on my ParagonWiki User talk page and I should see it and get what needs to be done within 24 hrs.

=^^= Hi all! I'm Sleepy Kitty from over on the CoH boards, and Paragonwiki. I'll be helping a bit with organizing and random collecting of jinglies.


  • City of Heroes / Villains
  • EVE Online
  • Lineage 1/2
  • Guild Wars - Prophecies
  • Auto Assault
  • ExTeel (Beta)
  • Phantasy Star Online I/II/III
  • Tabula Rasa


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To Do List[]

  • Organize the awful category sprawl
  • Double check Logos, some seem to be set to the wrong image currently.
  • Rename bad cat names so they no longer over use the word "All"
  • build pillowfort