• No interesting map changes (safe zone minimap markers added)
  • "Blinding" damage type added
  • More effects got names:
    • Miasma Gas Cloud
    • Crit Wave
    • Armor Shutdown
    • Viral Conversion
    • Hazmat Armor
    • Graviton Armor
    • Stealth Armor
    • Shield Extender
  • More objective markers in Kardash, Raksha, Fluxite Mines.
  • Changed mission texts for Eloh Temples to refer to correct wardens.
  • Careless: Changed text from 10 to 8 samples
  • Brushstrokes: Mission removed
  • Clarified "colony" use in Kardash-related missions
  • Clarified mission texts in Kardash, Raksha and Fluxite-related missions.
  • ?: Juggernaut CPU count reduced from 6 to 3.
  • Wilderness ToO: Operative objective removed? Maybe just a duplicate string.
  • Damn Dirty Robots: Text changed to both warden and reconstructor bots
  • Infesus corrected to Infensus (still seven instances of Infesus remaining, though)
  • Added text (maybe accidentally removed, maybe replacements, dunno)
    • Timora Mines: Central Bound Patrol
    • Shipping and Handling
    • Deadly Vapors
    • Others...[]


  • Changed: Plateau offset, (100,100) to (-42,-80) -- finally
  • Changed: Caves of Donn width, 1024 to 768
  • Changed: Caves of Donn offset, (-78,282) to (-50,248)
  • Changed: Incurables Ward offset, (8,-244) to (30,-264)
  • Added: Underground (Incline) -- no name yet
  • Added: Thanix Research (Plains) -- no name yet
  • Added: Ares Logos Academy (Howling Maw) -- no name yet
  • Added: Dybukkar Garrison (Abyss) -- name only, data already present
  • Lots of radar changes
  • Lots of map marker changes

Removed mission text[]

Many missions had their mission text removed. Most seem to be historical missions, but some are also recently active ones.

I miss the "Find out who's dating AFS" in Ranja Gorge mission now.


  • Icon file size reduced by 2/3 for lots of icons
  • Minimap: Other player icon made larger
  • Minimap: NPC ally icon changed into head shape
  • New damage type: Logos
  • "Crit Light" changed to "Crit Hit: Laser"
  • In general, Crit <damagetype> changed to Crit Hit: <damagetype>
  • Effect names for resist debuffs added
  • Effect name for reflective armor added
  • Palisades Discover Their Fate renamed to Discover Their Fate
  • Acquire Electrical Resistor Filters renamed to Shock Treatment
  • Removed reference to "a new shiny weapon" in The Daily Grind. Reference to Louise?
  • Removed reference to the SS in Chain Reaction. It's the 5th Column treatment again! Trsmiley.png
  • Removed reference to danger and defending in Arieki Surveying. The defend objective was also removed. Sneaky devs, or a safe mission?
  • Fixed mission introduction in Bring It On Home. Now says patrol just arrived, instead of is missing.
  • Objective "A Proposition" changed to "Listen to the proposition" in Interception.
  • Security Guard Norton is now unconscious instead of sleeping (in Blue Flu?).
  • Reference to non-existent Staff Sgt. Rose changed to Sgt. Ricardo in Making Your Way. -- Actually, it seems she exists, but in Baylor Base.
  • Scientists should now be taken to Camp Elinor instead of Hightower Outpost in Emergency Extraction.
  • Escort or kill objective in ??? (Airman Hamilton in Torcastra) split into two objectives.
  • Changed some cloak & dagger references in text for some Penumbra missions.
  • The Reaper, Raptor, title text fixed to refer to Incline and not Plains.
  • Several (or even many) new missions added
  • Lots of spelling and punctuation fixes. Keep up the good work! -- In particular, rendezvous and acquire were fixed at least a dozen times. Smiley.gif
  • Emote: /robot
  • Emote: /logospcgameruk -- What's all this, then?
  • Wormhole references changed to <x type> waypoints.
  • Regen effect now lists a percentage
  • Regen <whatnot> effects no longer list a percentage
  • Skill descriptions updated
    • Armor: new regen/defense (also, bleedthrough references removed)
    • Temporary Wormhole ability replaced by Feedback, descriptions also updated
    • Reconstruction (50% -> 30%)
    • Disease (50% -> 30%)
    • Shrapnel
    • Vortex
    • Sacrifice
    • Graviton armor effects changed
    • Reflective armor effects changed
    • Firearms: Specific numbers to rifle crit boost added
    • Rushing Blow
    • Staff
    • Engineering skills: Now explicitly say which level is needed for modification
    • Bio-Augmentation
    • Shield Extender
  • Attribute descriptions updated
  • Waypoint references in waypoint names removed.[]

(Some of these might have been in instead, bad recordkeeping.)


  • Changed: Palisades width, 2048 to 2304
  • Changed: Palisades offset, (-32,0) to (28,-40)
  • Added: Fault Lever
  • Renamed: Refuge to The Refuge
  • Added: Section 5: Omega Labs
  • Changed: Ustor Yard map id, NULL to 1497
  • Added: Sanctus Grotto


(Old data structure wasn't suited, too much work to compile.)