This is a rather extensive design of how I would like the category structure to be. It's by no means set in stone, so drop as much input as you want on the talk page.


Main tree[]



  • Separate subcategory for sublocations
  • Instances as primarily zones, but are also linked as sub-battlefield locations
  • A breadcrumb template for category header is a given.


  • How to handle the area that's made up of everything that isn't an area? It would probably be for the best to have a concrete category, but what to name it?
    • Surroundings
    • Wilderness
    • Environment
    • Region
    • Terrain
    • Territory

Locations meta[]



  • How should these interconnect? Should they interconnect at all?
  • Are both zone and battlefield+instance needed? Should one be removed, if so, which one?

Logos, NPC, Mission meta[]

(Just replace Logos/logos with NPCs or Missions/missions)


  • Category:Foreas logos
    • Category:Concordia logos
      • Category:Wilderness logos
        • Category:Caves of Donn logos (instance link)
        • Category:Pravus Research Facility logos (instance link)
        • Category:Crater Lake Research Facility logos (instance link)
        • Category:Guardian Prominence logos (instance link)
        • Category:Memory Tree Hill logos (area)
        • ...
      • Category:Divide logos
      • Category:Palisades logos
      • Category:Caves of Donn logos
        • Category:Mar Fend Village logos
        • Category:Spirit Cave logos
        • Category:Eloh Chantry logos
        • Category:Undone Fairway logos
        • Category:Vitiaded Shrine logos
      • Category:Pravus Research Facility logos
      • Category:Crater Lake Research Facility logos
      • Category:Guardian Prominence logos
    • Category:Valverde logos
  • Category:Arieki logos


  • These three are just secondary structure trees to the main location tree, they don't add any categories apart from the top one.
  • This inherits the same issues as the main tree.




  • Use of "crafting" instead of "crafting items" will cause a collision with a general-purpose crafting category. I see this as a good thing, but otherwise it would be a bad idea.


  • Should dyes go under crafting?
  • What subcategories (if any) are needed for consumables?
  • Naming: misc vs miscellaneous, trash vs loot


If we stick to the current system with only one page per item subtype, we don't need subcategories. Then the following is more practical:



OBSOLETE: See User:Zarevak/Categories

Category:Characters (Character, Class, Skill, Ability, Attribute, ...)

  • Category:Classes (Class, Recruit, Soldier, ...)
    • Category:Recruit (Recruit, Recruit-related pages like guides)
      • Category:Recruit skills and abilities (Lightning, Firearms, ...)
      • Category:Recruit abilities (Lightning, ...)
      • Category:Recruit skills (Firearms, ...)
    • ...
  • Category:Tiers (Tier, guides, ...)
    • Category:Tier 1 skills and abilities (Lightning, Firearms, ...)
    • Category:Tier 1 abilities (Lightning, ...)
    • Category:Tier 1 skills (Firearms, ...)
    • Category:Tier 2 abilities (Rage, Decay, ...)
    • Category:Tier 2 skills (Chainguns, Tools, ...)
    • Category:Tier 2 skills and abilities (Rage, Tools, ...)
    • ...
  • Category:Skills and abilities (Lightning, Tools, Conversion, ...)
    • Category:Class skills and abilities (Only subcategories)
      • Category:Recruit skills and abilities, ...
    • Category:Tier skills and abilities (Only subcategories)
      • Category:Tier 1 skills and abilities, ...
    • Category:Abilities (Lightning, ...)
      • Category:Class abilities (Only subcategories)
        • Category:Recruit abilities, ...
      • Category:Tier abilities (Only subcategories)
        • Category:Tier 1 abilities, ...
      • Category:Signature abilities
    • Category:Skills (Firearms, ...)
      • Category:Class skills (Only subcategories)
        • Category:Recruit skills, ...
      • Category:Tier skills (Only subcategories)
        • Category:Tier 1 skills, ...
      • Category:Armor skills (Motor Assist Armor, ...)
      • Category:Weapon skills (Firearms, ...)
      • Category:Crafting skills (Engineering:Optics, ...)
  • Category:Attributes (Attribute, guides, ...)


  • Class skills, et al because it matches the overall naming scheme, and allows us to avoid exceptions to the capitalization guidelines (opposed to Skills by Class).
  • Note that tools and hand-to-hand combat become weapon skills.
  • Collapsed the Tier x categories, they are empty enough even now


  • Uses skills as common name for abilities and trainings. Might have to change to "skills and abilities" and use skills for trainings.


  • Axe Category:Modifier and subcategories, the info fits on a single page just fine.
  • Axe Category:Skill Type Skills and similar dead-end, empty categories
  • Most of the other high-level categories look okay, as long as they're changed to use proper capitalization.
    • I'm partial to moving damage types into the Items/Weapons subtree.
  • Classes doesn't belong in terminology, it should be moved up.