Unity Among Men
Mission sequence
Requirement: Quarantine
Follow-up: Contents Under Pressure
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Victor Corman
- Location: Wilderness
Reward giver: Dr Eleanor Corman
- Location: Ranja Gorge
Credits: 1,200

Hazmat Armor Gloves v? Pulsar Hazmat Armor Gloves
Reflective Armor Legs v? Pulsar Reflective Armor Legs

Item0494.png Overview[]

Take the test results to Dr. Eleanor Corman in Ranja Gorge.

Item0490.png Objective(s)[]

Take the test results to Eleanor[]

Take the test results to Dr. Eleanor Corman in Ranja Gorge.

Item0454.png Dialogues[]


Victor Corman
You've done well. Take the test results to Dr. Eleanor at Ranja. She'll know what to do.
Ranja Gorge is a hidden valley to the south, behind Lake Corman. Trouble is, you can't get there by crossing the lake. There's a passage Through the Mountains on the west side of Imperial Valley, due south of Gelman Meadows.
A caravan of infected brothers and sisteres are on thier way here from Continental Divide, adn I need to warn them about the situation at Twin Pillars. Can I trust you to deliver the data safely?

Mission Completion[]

Dr. Eleanor Corman
Victor sent you? Do you have the test results?
Interesting. The plague seems to be caused by an unknown strain of plasmodial parasite. It's rather like Malaria, Back on earth. If we can synthesize a compound that will block the abaility of the parasite to copy itself within the red blood cells of its victims, we may be able to stop of from spreading. If we were on Earth I'd be looking for a plant called 'Artemisia Annua', Better known as Wormwood. But here? I just don't Know where to begin.

Item0473.png Walkthrough[]