Twin Pillars Outpost
Location type:
Item0484.png Planet: Foreas
Item0482.png Continent: Concordia
Item0483.png Zone: Wilderness
Mob Levels:
Map of Twin Pillars Outpost
Map of Twin Pillars Outpost


Twin Pillars Outpost is an area in the Wilderness zone.

Twin Pillars is a gateway between the Divide and the Wilderness zones. It is currently under quarantine because of the Corman plague.

For all further information, such as available missions, creatures, Logos elements, etc, and for a map, see: Wilderness

Winter 2007 Holiday[]

Holiday Tree in Twin Pillars Outpost

For Winter 2007 Holiday celebration AFS erected a Holiday Tree in Twin Pillars Outpost with a festive present for all living AFS personnel, the Holiday Hat Holiday Hat (handling manual not included, requires basic Motor Assist Body Armor training).
NOTICE: Holiday Hat may provide lower protection then your usual helmet. Please consult your Holiday Hat usage with your officer before going to the front lines. AFS does not take any responsibility for your death, critical hit death or death caused by head trauma.