Disambiguous.png This article is about the Engineer ability Trap, if you were looking for the Logos element Trap then please click here.
Type: Ability
Class: Engineer Engineer
Tier: 4
Logos Required
Trap Trap
Damage Damage
Summon Summon
Machine Machine


Trap is an Ability of the Engineer class.

User plants a trap that looks like a Turret. It "fires" at valid targets but does minimal damage. When it is attacked, it launches a powerful discharge of its damage type at the attacker, causing very high damage, and then harmlessly deactivates. Each pump level mirrors the Turret of the same pump level in damage type.

All ranks have an activation time of 0.666 seconds and no cooldown. Traps cost 50 power and 2 Weapons Grade Micromechs and last for 60 seconds, and have a threat modifier of 2000%. Turrets and traps are activated in a collapsed state and take roughly 1 second to deploy and start firing after the skill is successfully used.


Level 1 (I) 2 (II) 3 (III) 4 (IV) 5 (V)
Name Trap I: Physical Trap II: Sonic Trap III: EMP Trap IV: Photonic Trap V: Virulent
Attack damage Minor
Trap damage Extreme
Duration 60s
Damage type Physical Sonic EMP Laser Virulent
Power cost 50
Weapons Grade Micromech 2


Traps look identical to Turrets once placed, and even the player who placed them will not be able to tell them apart visually. The difference is that Traps do a large amount of damage in one burst when destroyed as opposed to the steady damage over time of Turrets. The other main difference is that you can only have a single Trap active at one time regardless of pump level, as opposed to one Turret per pump.

All Traps have a very high threat modifier, allowing them to gain and hold the attention of mobs much more effectively than Turrets despite the low damage of each shot. It's best to activate a Trap first when setting up a Turret line - the Trap will draw enemy aggro first and focus it on itself, which is exactly where you want it to be.

Traps, like Turrets, can deliver critical hit effects regardless of the amount of damage they deliver. For instance, although the shots fired by the sonic Trap only deal minimal damage, each shot has a chance to be a critical hit and thus knock the target to the ground. This combines extremely well with a Turret of the same damage type, effectively doubling the chance of that critical hit effect.