A Training - also sometimes referred to as a Passive Skill - is a technique, proficiency or dexterity that a character may learn and utilize as he or she progresses through the game.

Unlike an Ability, there is nothing "magic" about a Training. Trainings have nothing to do with Logos and do not go back to the psionic powers of the Eloh. Instead, they are earthly proficiencies acquired through military education such as the use of certain weapons, armor and tools.

All Trainings are Skills, but not all Skills are Trainings. See the Skill article for more information.


Each Class has a fixed set of Trainings. Each time a character chooses a new Class they gain the capability to learn the Trainings associated with that Class. Trainings begin at level 0, with zero points assigned. In order to use a Training the character must spend at least one training point to increase the level to "Novice" (level 1). The exception to this is Recruit Trainings, which all start at level 1.

Unlike Abilities, Trainings do not require the knowledge of any Logos elements so they take effect as soon as the player has increased them to level 1.

Characters retain their existing Trainings when they choose a new Class, so the complete list of Trainings available to a character is based on their current Class and all their root Classes.


The player may improve the effectiveness of his Trainings by spending training points on them. This works in the same manner as the progression of Abilities. See Skill Progression for details.


Unlike Abilities, Trainings don't have to be dragged to the ability tray to be used. They do not need activation, but instead they are "permanently in effect".

An exception to this rule is Hand to Hand Combat, which can be dragged to the weapon tray to be used as a weapon.

List of TrainingsEdit

For a list of available Trainings, see: Ability and training list

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