Timora Mines
Location type:
Instance (Zone)
Item0484 Planet: Foreas
Item0482 Continent: Concordia
Item0483 Zone: Divide
Item0481 Instance: Timora Mines
Mob Levels:
Map of Timora Mines
Map of Timora Mines

Item0494 Overview Edit

Timora Mines are a focal point on Concordia for the Bane production of material needed in weapons manufacturing. Also, strange energy readings have been coming from the mine as of recently. Your job is to penetrate the mines and cause enough damage to slow or stop the material production. On your mission there, you need to find what the strange energy emissions are as well.

Mission MissionsEdit

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

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To get there, go west from the Tocasta Prison waypoint. If you see the Predator bay, you're in the right area; follow the road south and up from there to Timora Mines. Once inside, you will see your contact for the mission Central Bound Patrol. As soon as you click on that contact, you will be issued a small squad of NPCs. If they all die before mission completion, you fail the Central Bound Patrol mission, and must go all the way back to Foreas Base to restart it.

For the main mission, only four of the five Mining Drills you need are in the first area, Expeditionary Excavation. Click on each to destroy it, the standard "detonator" move. Once you have cleared the 4 pumps, go up the hill and kill the NPC inside the bunker. You can ignore the Predator bay just past it. Go back down and enter the Fuel Grotto. This room has only 5 of the 9 fuel pumps you need to destroy; shoot them. The next room is the Supply Storage room, which includes the end-mission contact for Central Bound Patrol. Shoot your way through that, enter the Fuel Bore Cavern. Warning: This next ramp gets ugly, because even solo you will face waves where almost every mob is a Caretaker, alternating with spawns where every mob is a Technician. At the bottom of that ramp, destroy the remaining 4 fuel pumps by shooting them. At the top of the ramp, just short of the bridge, is the side cavern that goes to the Eloh Shelter, and the waypoint for the Mining for Information mission. Warning: Clicking this icon will spawn 3 waves of ambushes, and you must defeat all 3 waves of ambushes to complete the mission. This part is on a timer; if you have to respawn, you won't make it, and will have to restart that sub-mission. Exit the Eloh Shelter and continue on to the Fuel Egress room. I *think* this room contains the last of the mining drills to destroy; if not, you should have seen it by now. Clear it to the bottom, then destroy the Main Fuel Pump there; this will spawn ambushes. Once it's destroyed, move up to the top and enter the Timora Command Center room and defeat the Warden, and that will complete the main mission. Hickson 10:01, 27 December 2007 (UTC)

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