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Location type:
Battlefield (Zone)
Item0484 Planet: Arieki
Item0482 Continent: Ligo
Item0483 Zone: Thunderhead
Mob Levels:
Map of Thunderhead
Map of Thunderhead

Overview Overview Edit

Thunderhead is a battlefield zone on the continent Ligo of planet Ariaki. It's located between Crucible and Ashen Desert.

Intel Recon Edit

AFS Intelligence indicates the "Thunderhead" region to be typical Arieki terrain, with the exception of the Ligo Fault Line, a large tectonic rift in the continent's surface. The Bane have set up a base known as the "Fault Lever" within the deepest portion of the Fault Line. AFS Command would like more information about this base. In addition, the Atta have a large colony here, known as Rivasa. As with almost all Atta colonies, it appears to be growing more aggressive and dangerous with each day. Finally, the Bane have a large infantry base here, known as Quasso station.

Instances Instances Edit

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Contacts Contacts Edit

See Thunderhead mission list

Logos Logos shrines Edit

Battlefield Instances  
No known Logos in Rivasa Atta Colony
No known Logos in Fault Lever
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