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Thraxus Machina
Thraxus Machina
Type: Hybrid, (Hackable)
Weak To: EMP EMP
Resists: none
Immune To: none

Thraxus Machina are Machina built from Thrax Soldier hosts. They were created by Penumbra, and are used in certain AFS operations. A number can be found at Tantalus Base in Abyss, where they are employed as guards. Of these, some have gone out of control and taken over the Section 5: Special Projects wing of Tantalus Base.

Sub TypesEdit

Below are a list of enemies that exhibit the same characteristics as Thraxus Machina, although under a different name.

  • Berserk Thraxus Machina
  • Thraxus Machine Guard
    Thraxus Machina Guard

Exception Edit

A single Bane-controlled Thraxus Machina boss exists in Howling Maw, known as The Electrician. This is likely a carry-over from development when Thraxus Machina were still primarily a Bane creation.

Trivia Edit

A dead Thraxus Machina can be seen in the Maligo Base instance of Plateau. This is likely to be the first sighting a player has in the game.

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