The Stainless Steel Bloodhound
Mission sequence
Requirement: Lookout Down Below
Follow-up: Behind Enemy Lines
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Field Sgt. Garde
- Location: Valverde Chasm
Reward giver: Radio Mission
- Location: Valverde Chasm Cave Entrance
XP: 40,000
Credits: 4650

Virulent Injector Gun AccuMax Virulent Injector Gun
Pulse Chaingun ChiTech Pulse Chaingun
Pulse Pistol Teleract Pulse Pistol
Laser Cannon Vitalius Laser Cannon

Overview Overview Edit

Rendezvous with Field Sergeant Garde at the telporter platform deep inside Valverde Chasm.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Tell Garde you're ready.
  • Escort the Sentinel

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Field Sgt. Garde:

We think there's a hidden entrance to the chasm and I got a crazy idea on how we might find it.
Here's the plan. We've had every entrance to the chasm under surveillance and we haven't let a single Bane unit pass through. But somehow, Thrax patrols are still showing up down here. that means there's another way to get down here, one that we don't know about. If that's true, we might be able to use it to get our guys behind enemy lines and hit them from the rear.
Yesterday we stumbled on a Bane Sentinel scouting point for a Thrax Patrol. We took them out and managed to captures the Sentinel intact. Our R&D guys at Fort Defiance reprogrammed it. All I need to do is activate the little sucker and it should backtrack along the patrol route. With any luck it'll lead you right to the secret entrance.
Once the Sentinel starts patrolling, you better stick to it like white on rice. When you're ready to go, just give me the word.

Field Sgt. Garde:

All right then. I'm activating the Sentinel now. It should take a minute to load it's flight path, then it'll head out. Stay close and keep an eye out for hostiles along the way!

Debriefing Edit


Commander Russ, here. A secret tunnel? That's just what we've been looking for, trooper. Well done!

Leads to Radio Mission: Behind Enemy Lines.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

Once you indicate you are ready, the Sentinel bot will start floating (slooooowly) beside the stream. Follow it and protect it. We ran into little resistance during the escort and the bot never came under fire, so I'm not sure if it is possible to fail due to the bot being destroyed.

The bot floats for quite a long way, crosses the stream and eventually finds a cave entrance at -459.6, 273.1, 135.7. You should get a Radio Mission granting you the reward and then another with the follow-up quest, Behind Enemy Lines.

We've run this mission several times and the only consistent thig is that it takes patience. Relax, enjoy the walk and scenery to the cave. Make sure you grab the Logos in the cave if you have not already done so.

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