The Protection Racket
Mission sequence
Requirement: The Boss Of All Bosses
Follow-up: None
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Larai Grupa Vitto
- Location: Staal Detention Center
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 75,000
Credits: 0

Larai Syndicate Token Larai Syndicate Token
Sonic Pistol Vextronics Sonic Pistol
Shotgun Vextronics Shotgun

Overview Overview Edit

To earn the trust of the Larai Syndicate, Grupa Vitto needs you to collect protection money from Merchant Bunko, Mechant Cugin, Merchant Vargo and Merchant Yeg. When you have collected the money from all four, return to Vitto in the Larai Quarters at Staal.

Note: This is a side-mission of the Earning Respect mission.

Objectives Objectives Edit

  • Collect Bunko's payment
Collect protection money from Merchant Bunko in the Staal Centrum.
  • Collect Cugin's payment
Collect protection money from Merchant Cugin in the Staal Centrum.
  • Collect Vargo's payment
Collect protection money from Merchant Vargo in the Staal Centrum.
  • Kill Vargo's pet Flare Gasher!
  • Collect Vargo's money
Now that Vargo is defenseless, collect his Protection Money.
  • Collect Yeg's payment
Collect protection money from Merchant Yeg in the Staal Centrum.

Dialogue Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Larai Grupa Vitto:

We of the Larai syndicate are in the business of protection and security. You must help us with this business.
The Merchants of Staal pay to us a small stipend to protect them. Some of them are foolish enough to refuse to pay. This is bad for business. Sometimes the using of force becomes necessary.
Pay a visit to the Merchants who refuse to pay and convice them that it is in their best interest to do so. Return with their payments, or do not return at all.
Do this, and the Larai Token is yours!

Collect Bunko's payment Edit

Merchant Bunko:

You are collecting money for the Larai? But... you are not Brann! Why should Bunko be paying money to you?
Wait... Bunko has heard the tales of you! You are always making with the Logos, yes? They say you are powerful.
Bunko is reviewing the situation and is now thinking it is not wise to wake a sleeping Magmonix. Bunko will pay you. Perhaps you will be spending some money at Bunko's shop, yes?

Collect Cugin's payment Edit

Merchant Cugin:

So, the Grupa has a human doing his dirty workings? He must be getting desperate, I think.
This may seem like a small sum, but it is all of my earnings for three full days. They say that the Labbna are thieves, but it is the Larai who steal, I think. And if I refuse, their Enforcers will break my legs!
Take your money. Tell the Grupa I am hoping that he will choke on it!

Collect Vargo's payment Edit

Merchant Vargo:

I do not think I will be giving you money on this day. In fact, I do not think I will be giving you money on ANY day.
But you do not look like someone who will be taking "no" for an answer. So I think I will let my "pet" convince you to leave my place of business.
Roscoe! We have a visitor in need of the teaching of a lesson!

Collect Vargo's money Edit

Merchant Vargo:

You son of a Barb Tick! You killed my Roscoe! You will burn in the pits of Ollj, by the Gods!
Take your money and leave me to my sorrow.

Collect Yeg's payment Edit

Merchant Yeg:

I have heard that you are collecting for the Grupa. I have your money ready. I want no trouble in my shop!

Debriefing Edit

Larai Grupa Vitto:

I hear the jingling of coins in your pocket. Your tenacity surprises and amuses me, Earther. But Grupa Vitto is a man of his word!
Take this Token of the Larai syndicate and carry it with pride.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Edit

All merchants are located in the Staal Centrum. Only Vargo will refuse to pay and will order his pet Flare Gasher to attack you. This is an easy fight and you will be getting help from the surrounding guards as well. After the Flare Gasher is dead you can easily collect the money from Vargo and your mission is complete.

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