The Last Stand
Mission sequence
Requirement: A Tale of Elements
Follow-up: Moving Up to the Big League
Required Level 3
Mission giver: Commander Elvers
- Location: Destination Outpost
Reward giver: Commander Elvers
- Location: Destination Outpost
XP: 7000
Credits: 0

Motor Assist Armor Vest v? Hellstrom Motor Assist Armor Vest
Motor Assist Armor Vest v? Olympia Motor Assist Armor Vest


Join the Denzil's Caldera troops in defending the outpost from incoming Bane, then report to Commander Elvers before your initial deployment.


Intercept the Bane approaching Denzil's Caldera from the trenches.[]



Commander Elvers:

This is it, soldier. Our scouts report the Bane are inbound and we're ready to roll! Get your ass outside the gates and keep those Bane from getting in here and taking control of the outpost!


Commander Elvers:

You've certainly done a good job around here, recruit! I'd say it's about time for you to deploy out. Your initial posting will take you to Concordia Wilderness. Speak to Evac Pilot Constant and she'll arrange for your ticket out of here. Thank you for your help today!


As soon as you step through the forcefield towards the west, the Bane dropships will begin unleashing enemies west of the outpost. The hardest target is Karem Zul, who has some pretty heavy-duty hit points and shielding. Don't just rush into battle, or you'll get killed. Hang back and take as many out with your AccuMax Rifle as you can before getting down and dirty with them. Don't forget to use your lightning ability, it packs a pretty heavy punch at this stage.