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  This ability was removed in version, generally replaced by Feedback. Players can use Squad and Personal Waypoints consumables bought from vendors
Temporary Wormhole
Temporary Wormhole
Type: Ability
Class: Engineer Engineer
Tier: 4
Logos Required
Friend Friend
Teleport Teleport
Machine Machine
Summon Summon


Temporary Wormhole is an ability of the Engineer class.

"Deploy a disposable portable wormhole generator for access to the local waypoint network.


Skill level I II III IV V
Duration 30s 60s 120s 180s 300s
Access One-way One-way Two-way Two-way Two-way
For Whom You Only You and your squad mates You Only You and your squad mates You and any allied personnel (Any AFS players whom you're not in a wargame with)
Power cost 100 125 150 175 200
Consumer Grade Micromechs 5


  • This skill was removed from the game, a the Portable Teleporter item was added to compensate. Anyone can use a portable teleporter.