Temporal Chamber
Location type:
Instance (Zone)
Item0484.png Planet: Foreas
Item0482.png Continent: Valverde
Item0483.png Zone: Plateau
Item0481.png Instance: Temporal Chamber
Mob Levels:
Map of Temporal Chamber
Map of Temporal Chamber

Item0494.png Overview[]

The Temporal Chamber is an Instance that is located in the Plateau area of Valverde on Foreas.

Intel Recon[]

The Temporal Chamber is an Eloh constructed communications array used to send information throughout the galaxy to warn other Eloh of incoming attacks by the Bane
AFS Command wants to utilize this Chamber to alert Eloh on other planets to the status of the battle on Foreas and to request help from those Eloh.

Item0494.png Zone Info[]

See Array of Hope for information on how to access the instance. You must have completed the following missions to start Array of Hope:

All of these missions are given by Vogren's Hologram in Vogren's Tomb in Plateau.

Mission Missions[]