Teleporter afs

Teleporter: AFS

Overview Edit

A teleporter or waypoint is a means of travel within Tabula Rasa. Many bases, forts, and villages have a teleporter somewhere on their grounds.

Usage Edit

You must walk over a teleporter to active it. Once activated, that character can always teleport back to that base, unless it is a control point under Bane control.

Once you walk over the teleporter, a menu will appear showing where you can currently go within the Zone. These devices will only move you within your current Zone. To move from Zone to Zone, you must walk or use a Dropship as another means of travel.

If available, you may also switch to another "sub-server", so to speak. Some overpopulated Zones will have multiples of itself for the players. For example, you may have the option to teleport to Divide[3] instead of the normal Divide[1].

Note that you can not switch "sub-server" and go directly to a control point. You must enter that "sub-server" and then teleport to your control point destination.

Teleporter bane

Teleporter: Bane

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