Tactical Evasion
Tactical Evasion
Type: Ability
Class: Ranger Ranger
Tier: 3
Logos Required
Area Area
Defend Defend
Chaos Chaos


Tactical Evasion is an ability of the Ranger class.

"Utilize Logos and Micromech to avoid damage by blinding close range enemies, creating a smokescreen, or teleporting to a previously marked safe location."

All ranks have an activation time of 0.4 seconds and a cooldown of 15 seconds.


  • Mag Flash operates much like the lightbender's flash (and also the old spy ability of the same name). The effect is the same regardless of training (only the radius and cost changes). Against the Bane, a Mag Flash causes nearby enemies to lose track of you, clearing any aggro they had and causing them to return to their station instead of engaging you. Against AFS forces, the flash causes a temporary whiteout and cancels any target locks in the area. As the flash shakes enemy aggro and disorients pursuers, it makes an excellent complement to Stealth armor by diverting any attention you may attract and giving you a brief window to escape the enemy's detection range. This makes Mag Flash ideal when escaping from or moving within enemy groups, perfect for use as a Spy.
  • Smoke Screen produces a cloud of dust throughout the area, significantly reducing all incoming ranged damage directed at friendlies within the cloud for a brief time. Due to its squad-friendly nature and the requirement to stay within the cloud (the cloud appears centered around you but does not move with you), it works best for holding terrain or withstanding assaults, although its duration and cooldown are sub-par when compared to similar skills (such as a sapper's Shield Extender). Useful nevertheless, particularly for Snipers.
  • Tactical Retreat is functionally akin to the teleportation aspect of Self Destruct -- use it to mark a location, and then teleport back to that location automatically when the power expires in one minute. Timing this retreat to be truly tactical can prove difficult. Although it's named 'retreat' and intended for use as such, it also works for playing mind games with human targets. Either tier-4 career path can appreciate this as a lifeline or decoy, although the point investment may be too severe to justify.


Level 1 (I) 2 (II) 3 (III) 4 (IV) 5 (IV)
Name Mag Flash I Smoke Screen I Mag Flash II Smoke Screen II Tactical Retreat
Effect Blind Enemies
PvE: Clear enemy hate, send enemy home
PvP: Screen whiteout, break target lock
30% Damage Reduction Blind Enemies
PvE: Clear enemy hate, send enemy home
PvP: Screen whiteout, break target lock
60% Damage Reduction Timed teleport
Area 10m radius 10m radius 20m radius 10m radius
Duration 5s 10s 5s 10s 60s
Power cost 40 45 50 55 100
Consumer Grade Micromech required 3 4 5 6 4