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Needs to be written from scratch



WTarrasque 02:22, 9 October 2007 (UTC):


I've set up a system of organized classes, abilities, and skills in order to make one intuitive system instead of a mishmosh.

I've edited the templates to make this happen "automatically." I don't think I did evil, but I expect someone to say I did.

If something needs logos to use and is activated by the player, it is an ability. This is base off ingame organization. Examples are Sprint and Lightning.

If something needs no logos to be in use, and is passive, it is a skill. Examples are Training in weapons, armor, and crafting.

Collectively, pages for either are made with Template:Skill. I have edited it to categorize skills and abilities the following way.

  1. Category:Skills and Abilities
    1. Category:Skills and Category:Abilities are subcategories of Category:Skills and Abilities. Subcategories of Category:Skills and Category:Abilities are:
      1. "foo" by Class
      2. "foo" by Tier
      3. Signature "foos" (only for abilities)
        • Only really signature abilities.
        • There are only, max, 16 of these in game? Subcategorizing might be too much


Essentially, there are these categories things fit into:

  1. Abilities: Things that require logos to use and power, adren, or some other quantity. They are activated.
  2. Training: Things that enhance your characters abilities FOR active abilities, but aren't activated
  3. Crafting: Things that don't damage others but are activated

The reason I'm doing this is to use subcategories and such to remove category bloat. Example: Skills. All skills. Soldier Class Skills. Soldier Skills. Soldier Class Abilities. Ability Type Skills. Skill Type Skills. yada yada

I'm lumped Training and Crafting into "Skills" in order to differentiate them from Logos abilities. This could be an issue. What do you wall think?

Defining Skills, Abilities, Training, Crafting, and such in categories would DEFINATELY help here.

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