The Tabula Rasa Wiki - also known as the TΔRΔ PEDIΔ - is a wiki about the computer game Tabula Rasa (TR). That means it is a Wikipedia-style website that anyone can edit, a website by the TR fan community for the TR fan community.

TΔRΔ PEDIΔ is meant as a documentation of the game, a collaborative information database, an encyclopedia of anything related to the game, a comprehensive online manual.

TΔRΔ PEDIΔ is not an official website, and TΔRΔ PEDIΔ in no way affiliated with the makers of TR (Destination Games or NCsoft).

We, the community of TΔRΔ PEDIΔ contributors and admins, do not see TΔRΔ PEDIΔ as competition to other TR fansites. Instead, we hope to build partnerships. We will never offer forums, daily news, or many other things that fansites will offer. We benefit from the information given out on fansites, because information is what we seek, and information is what we want to spread to the community.