Disambiguous.png This article is about the training "Stealth Body Armor". For information about the armor of the same name, see: Stealth Armor.


Stealth Body Armor
Stealth Body Armor
Type: Training
Class: Ranger Ranger
Tier: 3
Logos Required

Stealth Body Armor is a training of the Ranger class, required to wear Stealth Armor.

"Allows the use of Stealth Body Armor. Stealth Body Armor makes the wearer harder to detect at range. This semi-invisibility is improved with better training and is based on the number of pieces of Stealth Body Armor worn."
Damage Absorption Rating: Good
Body Armor Recharge Rate: Poor
Damage Bleed-Through: Very High

Stealth Armor has the effect of reducing your aggro range. However mobs will notice you eventually, and engaging a mob will still alert other mobs nearby. Stealth Armor is always active while worn, even if no graphical effects are visible.

A Ranger wearing a full set of Stealth Armor with Elite level training will lower their normal aggro range from 40m to 20m. Approaching from behind an enemy should allow you to get into melee range without detection.

Stealth armor also reduces your radar "footprint" for opposing players in wargames in much the same way it reduces aggro range. Practically speaking, an enemy player won't see the stealthed ranger on his radar until the ranger is within a certain range (determined by rank and amount of gear). A Spotter can negate this somewhat.


Must become a Ranger to utilize this training. The player may invest additional training points to improve the effect. For further instructions, see: Skill window


Level 1 (I) 2 (II) 3 (III) 4 (IV) 5 (V)
Name Novice Layman Expert Master Elite
Description Each skill level improves the stealth effect granted by Stealth Body Armor.
Stealth Bonus 2% 4% 6% 8% 10%
Radar Signature Reduction 4% 8% 12% 16% 20%


Ranger with stealth armor and netgun