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Staal Junkyard
Location type:
Instance (Zone)
Item0484 Planet: Arieki
Item0482 Continent: Ligo
Item0483 Zone: Crucible
Item0481 Instance: Staal Junkyard
Mob Levels:
Map of Staal Junkyard
Map of Staal Junkyard

Overview Overview Edit

Staal Junkyard is an Instance zone in Crucible.

Intel ReconEdit

The Staal Junkyard is where the Inmates of the area prisons dumped their trash. Everything from daily garbage to large industrial scrap can be found within its walls. The junkyard also seems to contain the hulls of several warden bots, probably disabled or destroyed by the freed Brann prisoners.
Intel indicates that a group of Brann, called the Labbna Syndicate, may have staked some claim over part or all of the junkyard.

Mission Missions Edit

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