A typical Spy
Spy in the class tree
Tier: 4
Root: Ranger Ranger
Branches: none


The Spy is a tier 4 character class, specialized in stealth and melee attacks.

Description from the official website:

"This expert of subterfuge excels in moving into enemy territory undetected, and wreaking havoc through deception and misdirection. While still an expert with a gun, the spy class specializes in the stealthy aspects of war.
Spies draw upon their ranger training to move through enemy lines stealthily. They then unleash surprise melee attacks on their targets with high-technology blades. Few AFS troops are as effective as spies at stopping single targets. Spies are often added to squads purely for their destructive potential."

Abilities and trainings[]

In addition to the abilities and trainings (collectively known as skills) of all its root classes, the following are available to the Spy class:

Abilities Trainings


In addition to the armor, weapons and tools of all its root classes, the Spy may use the following:

Armor Weapons Tools
  • None
  • None

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