A typical Specialist
Specialist in the class tree
Tier: 2
Root: Recruit Recruit
Branches: Sapper Sapper
Biotechnician Biotechnician


The Specialist is a tier 2 character class.

Description from the official website:

"The Specialist is the first class in the support line of classes. While the Specialist can still hold their own in a fire fight, they use beneficial skills and abilities to help teammates and themselves.
These tier-two forces can restore health and armor to troops in the field. They can resuscitate downed allies as well, or even help damaged mechanized units. Though Specialists are less capable of delivering damage quickly, their damage over time is certainly up to par. Their improved survivability makes them more robust against enemy attacks, particularly in attrition warfare, as opposed to a sudden and intense strike."

Abilities and trainings[]

In addition to the abilities and trainings (collectively known as skills) of its root class, the following are available to the Specialist class:

Abilities Trainings


In addition to the armor, weapons and tools of its root class, the Specialist may use the following:

Armor Weapons Tools


The AFS Specialist has some different abilities to the Soldier class. The Specialist is resistant to most damage types while wearing their advanced Hazmat suit. The Specialist can also use many helpful field tools such as the Cipher, Healing, and Repair tools. The Cipher Tool unlocks those crates you will find throughout the maps. The Healing Disc allows you to help NPCs or other players in the heat of battle by keeping them alive. Lastly the Repair Tool repairs the targeted player's armor.

The Leech Gun does little damage compared to the Soldier's Chaingun but it has the benefit of simultaneously repairing or healing the user and those nearby.

The Ruin ability can be used on one enemy to deal damage while you focus your attentions on another, increasing your combat performance.