Skills window
Skills window
A typical Skills window
Default key: K


The Skills window shows all available Abilities and Trainings (collectively known as Skills).

The default key to open the window is [K].

The top of the window shows the class tree. Available and unlocked Classes are marked in blue. Classes that are locked and no longer available are marked in red. Classes that are available but not yet unlocked are marked in grey. Please note that you may browse any Class, even locked or unavailable Classes, to inspect the available Abilities and Trainings.

The middle part of the window shows all Abilities and Trainings of the Class that is highlighted in the Class tree above. Usually there are several of both types available and scrolling is required to view all of them. A mouse-over pop-up tool-tip shows details of each level of each Skill.

The bottom part of the window shows the number of unspent training points.

The very bottom shows tabs to switch to the attributes window or the Logos tablet


Improving abilities and trainings[]

If the character has any unspent training points, as shown at the bottom of the Skills window, the [+] button to the left of each Skill will allow the player to spend these points. As long as the player hasn't confirmed his or her choice by pressing the "Accept" button (which will appear at the bottom, to the right of the "Training Points" number, if there are any unspent training points) he or she may also remove points by pressing the [-] button to the left of the respective Skill. Once the player hits "Accept", the Skills are learnt and the training points assigned to them may not be unspent.

If you find yourself wanting to reassign your training points later on, visit a Prestige vendor at any Control Point and purchase a Skill Respec Token (600 Prestige).

Equipping abilities[]

Only Abilities can be equipped. Trainings are permanently in effect and do not need to be equipped.

There are two methods you can use to equip an Ability:

  1. Right-click the ability in the Skill window. This will swap the ability with your currently active one in the ability tray.
  2. Drag'n'drop the Ability to any slot of the ability tray.