The Skill Proficiency System is a system applied to some skills such that as a player places more skill points into an ability every rank of the ability is improved.

An Example of this would be Polarity Field or Explosive Nanites. Each Rank of the skill unlocks a different effect and with the Skill Proficiency System, each rank improves the lower ranks of that skill also.For Polarity Field additional ranks increase the amount of the debuff for each type, for Explosive Nanites additional ranks increase the damage done by each type.

Without this system, the lower ranks of a skill were significantly underpowered against a target immune to the higher ranks. With this system, a target immune or resistant to a higher rank effect type will still take an equivalent amount of damage from a lower ranked effect type.

Known Skills Affected[]

Skill list[]

For a list of available skills, see: Ability and training list

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