A Skill is something learned and developed by a character as he or she progresses through the game.

There are two types of Skills - Abilities and Trainings. Abilities are usually linked to Logos elements and are activated or used when required in order to create an effect, whereas Trainings are usually passive and always in effect once learnt.


Each Class has a fixed set of Skills. Each time a character chooses a new Class they gain the capability to learn the Skills associated with that Class. Skills begin at level 0, with zero points assigned. In order to use a Skill the character must spend at least one training point to increase the level to "Novice" (level 1). The exception to this is Recruit Skills, which all start at level 1.

Characters retain their existing Skills when they choose a new Class, so the complete list of Skills available to a character is based on their current Class and all their root Classes.


The player may improve his or her Skills by spending training points on them. Training points can be spent by using the Skill window.

There are 6 levels of each Skill, with the effect of the Skill increasing or changing with each level. Each level will cost more training points to learn than the last:

Level 0 (0) I (1) II (2) III (3) IV (4) V (5)
Name - Novice Layman Expert Master Elite
Training points for next level 1 2 3 4 5 -
Training points spent total 0 1 3 6 10 15

Some Skills increase in effectiveness with each level, while others give different options such as alternative damage types or targeting methods. In addition, some Skills gain a proficiency bonus with each level which retroactively affects all lower levels of the Skill. For more information see: Skill Proficiency System

Skills can be refunded by going to a Prestige Vendor and buying a Skill Respec Token. Each token costs 600 Prestige and will completely refund all training points, with the exception of the single points automatically spent in the Recruit abilities that start at level 1.


Abilities and Trainings are used in different ways. For more information, see Ability Usage and Training Usage.

List of Skills[]

For a list of available Skills, see: Ability and training list