Searching for Acceptance
Mission sequence
Requirement: None
Follow-up: An Unexpected Test
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Ranger Kogari
- Location: Hightower Outpost
Reward giver: Ranger Kogari
- Location: Hightower Outpost
XP: 19000
Credits: 2850

Stealth Armor Legs v2 Teleract Stealth Armor Legs v2
OR Graviton Armor Legs v3 Astra Graviton Armor Legs v3
OR Hazmat Armor Legs v4 ChiTech Hazmat Armor Legs v4

Overview.png Overview[]

This is the first mission required to start Proven Justice, which is a requirement to get into the Temple of the Raging Patriarch. Just kill 5 warnets before the timer runs out. You have 5 minutes to complete this mission.

Objectives.png Objectives[]

  • Kill enough warnets to impress Ranger Kogari and return to him in the alotted time.

Dialogue.png Dialogue[]


Ranger Kogari:

We have a serious situation to deal with here human, and we have no time to waste with new soldiers. We have to venture into the Devil's Den and you look like you can barely handle a weapon much less use it effectively against what the Fithiks have in store. I'm not going to waste time with you until you can prove you can handle yourself.
Prove yourself to me by killing the filthy warnet creatures. If you can get back to me fast enough then I will know you have what it takes to help us.


Ranger Kogari:

Killing the Warnet filth is by no means a small feat.


Ranger Kogari:

Very good soldier. I'm impressed at such a performance from someone new to the front line. If this is a true measure of your strength, then we would be honored to have you counted among us even if you are human.

Walkthrough.png Walkthrough[]

Kill 5 warnets that can be found in the area around the mission giver before the 5 minute timer ends.