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Rivasa Atta Colony
Location type:
Instance (Zone)
Item0484 Planet: Arieki
Item0482 Continent: Ligo
Item0483 Zone: Thunderhead
Item0481 Instance: Rivasa Atta Colony
Mob Levels:
Map of Rivasa Atta Colony
Map of Rivasa Atta Colony


An instance zone in Arieki Ligo Thunderhead

Intel ReconEdit

Rivasa Atta Colony is an underground series of tunnels inhabited in this region by the Atta. The Bane are using the Atta colony for some purpose, and have invaded it by burrowing into its tunnels and setting up teleporters within the colony itself.
It is unclear to AFS Intelligence what the Bane are doing in this colony, but if they kill the queen the Atta will become extremely agitated and could cause trouble for nearby AFS troops and Bases.

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