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  As of 8/21 this mission has been removed.

Reporting For Duty. Sir!
Mission sequence
Requirement: Moving Up to the Big League
Follow-up: Receptive Reception
Required Level N/A
Mission giver: Officer McHenry
- Location: Alia Das
Reward giver: Outpost Commander Rogers
- Location: Alia Das
XP: 2000
Credits: 0



Officer McHenry wants you to take the latest field report to Outpost Commander Rogers. He can be found in the Alia Das Command Center, coordinating battle strategies.


Deliver the field report to Commander Rogers
Field Report: Lower Eloh Creek (14:00 Hours) Field Report: Lower Eloh Creek (14:00 Hours) 1/1



Officer McHenry:

"Take this field report to Commander Rogers. He's waiting on it.
Oh, and welcome to Das. "Alia Das," the locals call it. Ain't much to look at, but it's got all the basics. You'll start your tour of duty here.
Commander Rogers is over in the Command Center. Get moving, newbie! The old man's got less patience than an eye doctor at a school for the blind."


Outpost Commander Rogers:

"Speak up, recruit! What've you got for me? A report from McHenry?"


Outpost Commander Rogers:

"Let's see what we got. Albertson killed on arrival? These shake-n-bake sergeants are worthless! Supplies held up? Ha! That infers that more supplies exist! 3rd brigade ambushed? Christ, this isn't a field report, it's an obituary list! Add to that, we've got reports of some kind of plague sweeping through the Corman settlements. You picked a hell of a week to sign on, recruit!"


This is an extremely quick "FedEx" mission. Rush over, deliver the report and you're done. Rogers is located in the tent due east of Officer McHenry next to the sign labeled "Headquarters".