Rendezvous At The LZ
Mission sequence
Requirement: Hitting 'em Where It Hurts
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Recon. Spec. Jennings
- Location: Lower Eloh Creek
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 3000
Credits: 600

Med Pack Class I Standard Med Pack
EMP Bomb Class I EMP Bomb

Overview Edit

Field Sergeant Witherspoon wants you to deliver a field report on the riverfront operation to Outpost Commander Randolph. She can be found at the Landing Zone to the Southwest of Lower Eloh Creek.

Objective(s) Edit

Deliver the field report Edit

Briefing Edit

Field Sgt. Witherspoon:

Good job, soldier. Now run this Field Report over to Commander Randolph at the LZ.
The report says a lot of good things about you, so see you don't get your ass shot off before you turn it in. Head down to the Landing Zone Outpost to the southwest. Commander Randolph is a Brit. She's a bit of a hard ass, but don't get that throw you. She's a hell of an officer. Give her the report. I'm sure she'll have something else for you to do.

Good workin' with ya. Stay out of trouble, hear?

Debriefing Edit

Outpost Commander Randolph:

Who's this, then? Speak up!
A report from Witherspoon, is it? Got the creek area under control, does he? Aces. About bloody time.
So Witherspoon says you're the mutt's nuts. Look a bit dodgy to me, but we'll see. Wagner or Rodriguez might have something for you. I might have something as well, later on. For now, clear off. I'm a busy woman.


  • Not much to the mission; it's mainly to get you out of the frying pan and into, well, the Landing Zone.
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