Overview Edit

Regeneration Wave
Regeneration Wave
Type:Signature ability
Class: Medic Medic
Tier: 4
Logos Required
Vortex (logos) Vortex
Enhance (logos) Enhance
Heal (logos) Heal
Around (logos) Around
Regeneration Wave is the Signature ability of the Medic class.
"Buffs user and allies such that for the next full minute they regenerate Health and Power at enormous rates."
  • Consumes 100% adrenaline when activated.

Usage Edit

Although 400% health regen has its uses, the Power regen afforded by this ability has enormous implications. 400% power regen essentially will allow a group to spam their logos abilities with little fear of running out of power. It is highly effective when used with a Guardian's Vortex ability because he can pull surrounding enemies near him almost non-stop while the regen wave is up. This allows groups to focus their fire into a concentrated area and allows the medic to join in the fray thus regaining more adrenaline to reuse Regeneration Wave.

Progression Edit

Skill level I
Health Regen 400%
Power Regen 400%
Duration 2 Minute
Radius 25m
Adrenaline Cost 100%
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