A typical Recruit
Recruit in the class tree
Tier: 1
Root: none
Branches: Soldier Soldier
Specialist Specialist


The Recruit is the basic tier 1 character class. Every newly created character starts as a Recruit.

Description from the official website:

"All new arrivals begin as Recruits. The early choices Recruits make, as they progress toward various career paths, will define the skills, abilities, weapons, tools, and armor that will be accessible during their term of service.
All troops receive basic training in firearms, light armor, and hand-to-hand techniques. Those possessing Logos sensitivity receive additional training. Recruits learn to use shotguns for standard area-of-effect combat, pistols for dispatching single targets at close range, and rifles for long-range sniping. Logos-receptive troops can also scout vast areas quickly or launch hit-and-run strikes using Sprint, and can hit large targets with amazing force using Lightning."

Abilities and trainings[]

The following abilities and trainings (collectively known as skills) are available to the Recruit class:

Abilities Trainings Engineering


The Recruit may use the following armor, weapons, tools and consumables:

Armor Weapons Tools Consumables