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In notes: Reconstruction: Updated for balance purposes,pump levels were rearranged, and tool tips corrected to fit. Reconstruction now deals virulent damage instead of physical. Using the different ranks of Reconstruction will no longer instantly kill large Bane Mechanicals.



Class: Biotechnician Biotechnician
Tier: 3
Logos Required
Area (logos) Area
Give (logos) Give
Heal (logos) Heal
Reconstruction is an ability of the Biotechnician class.
"Utilize logos to siphon health from enemies in a radius while also healing and buffing yourself and nearby squadmates. Each pump level offers different versions of the Reconstruction effect."

Reconstruction creates an AoE healing / effect wave around the user.



Name Reconstruction I Reconstruction II Reconstruction III Reconstruction IV Reconstruction V
Power cost 50 60 70 80 100
Healing Very High Moderate
Damage Medium Slight Medium
Radius 15m
Duration instant Heal/Damage: instant
Buff/Debuff: 15s
60s 15s
Spirit Buff/Debuff 30%
Ally/Enemy Health Modification 30%
Ally/Enemy Adrenaline Boost Slight
Effect Heals health in an AoE, damages enemies small amount. Heals and damages in an AoE, slight spirit buff to allies and spirit debuff to enemies. Adds to the overall health pool of the targets, reduces the health pool of enemies. Heal over time and adds a DoT to enemies. Adds an adrenaline rush (adrenaline added to pool) with healing: damages enemies large amount and reduces adrenaline.
Description "Instantaneous healing of yourself and all nearby squadmates. Also damages enemies within the radius of effect." "Instantaneous healing and Spirit attribute buff of yourself and all nearby squadmates. Also damages enemies and debuffs their Spirit within the radius of effect." "Increases the maximum Health of you and nearby squadmates. Decreases the maximum Health of enemies in the radius of effect. Current Health is modified proportionally." "Heal over time of yourself and nearby squadmates; damage over time to enemies within radius of effect." "Heal over time plus Adrenaline gain for yourself and nearby squadmates; damage over time plus Adrenaline drain for enemies within radius of effect."

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