Overview Edit

Reanimation Wave
Reanimation Wave
Type:Signature ability
Class: Exobiologist Exobiologist
Tier: 4
Logos Required
Vortex (logos) Vortex
Life (logos) Life
Negative (logos) Negative
Spirit (logos) Spirit
Reanimation Wave is the Signature ability of the Exobiologist class.
"Reanimates all enemy corpses within 20 meters for two minutes."
  • Consumes 100% adrenaline when activated.

Usage Edit

Reanimation Wave is a great ability for base defenses and assaults. As it is an area based effect, the more corpses you can pile up around you, the more you will reanimate when it is used.

One very nice feature of this ability is that it does not consume any Medical grade micromech, unlike Reanimation.

At the moment the Reanimation Wave reanimates all dead foes in it's range, including shield drones and nitro glazers, which can't be reanimated with Reanimation. It is unsure weather it is a feature or a bug, but at the moment Reanimation Wave will also reanimate large bane mechanical units, such as Juggernauts, Stalkers and Striders.

Bug Bug! Juggernauts reanimated by Reanimation Wave will, at least once every 2 fights, try to create black holes that will harm the player rather than their foes.

Progression Edit

As this is the Exobiologist's Signature ability, there is no skill progression.

After training to become an Exobiologist, you can use the ability if you have the required logos elements.

You do not need to put training points into it, and it can not be improved with skill points.

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