A typical Ranger
Ranger in the class tree
Tier: 3
Root: Soldier Soldier
Branches: Sniper Sniper
Spy Spy


The Ranger is a tier 3 character class, specialized in stealth.

Description from the official website:

"Rangers drop behind enemy lines and take out key objectives to help the war effort. A Commando is taught to know no fear, a Ranger is taught to spread it.
Though both Rangers and Commandos share Soldier training and the ability to fight enemies directly, Rangers focus on single-target scouting and elimination. To enhance this focus, Rangers employ lighter, stealthier armor. They also learn to use net guns to impede single enemies during advances. Advanced training into tier four gives Rangers the option to master single-target killing up close for Spies or at range for Snipers."

Abilities and trainings[]

In addition to the abilities and trainings (collectively known as skills) of all its root classes, the following are available to the Ranger class:

Abilities Trainings


In addition to the armor, weapons and tools of all its root classes, the Ranger may use the following:

Armor Weapons Tools
  • None