Radial menu
Radial menu
Default key:[CTRL]


The radial menu, a circular "pie" menu, is the main menu of the game. It gives the player access to all important sub-menu windows.

The radial menu appears in the center of the screen if you press [CTRL]. At the same time, the game switches from action mode to command mode, so that you can use your mouse pointer to click the window elements.

Menu layout Edit

Item0505 Skills window Prestige Title Item0453
Attributes Skills Prestige Titles Character
Item0476 Equipment Item0475 Crafting Item0494 Miscellaneous
Items Equipment Consumables Crafting Mission Miscellaneous
Item0494 Item0479 Intel  
Mission log Logos tablet Intel
  Item0481 Item0483
Maps Current Map
Looking For Squad Item0456 Item0474 Item0469 Item0515
LFS Clan Ignored Friends Social
Item0520 Item0499 Item0473 Item0480 Quit
System Options Help Logout Quit

Player interactionEdit

Radial menu bottom

If targetting a player with the reticle when bringign up the radial menu, further interaction options will be displayed:

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