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Class: Spy Spy
Tier: 4
Logos Required
Self (logos) Self
Transform (logos) Transform
Target (logos) Target
Looking (logos) Looking

"Assume the shape and abilities of a Bane unit for up to 2 minutes, allowing you to infiltrate their ranks."

Utilize the power of the Logos to appear as an enemy unit, the enemy will view the user as "friendly", while in the form of the enemy unit, the abilities of that unit can be used. The effect will wear off after 2 minutes.

Note: You used to be able to pass through enemy CP (Capture Point) shields while polymorphed, and capture them undetected, although this writer believes that the latest patch removed this "feature". Testing necessary. This has been known to fail at times, for reasons unknown.

This "feature" was removed, as it was unintended. Khajja


Form Abilities Ability Cost Duration Power Cost Programmable Micromech Cost
1 Thrax Soldier Ability: Kick 2 minutes 100 5
2 Thrax Technician Abilities: Repair Machine, Revive Machine, Deploy Turret 150 5
3 Caretaker Abilities: Heal Biological, Revive Biological 150 5
4 Kael High Health, High damage resistance, Immune to Knockback, Immune to Stun 200 10
5 Hominus Machina Ability: Self-Revive; Exceptionally Strong Attack 200 10
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