Polarity Gun (training)
Polarity Gun (training)
Type: Training
Class: Sapper Sapper
Tier: 3
Logos Required


Polarity Gun is a Training of the Sapper class, allowing the use of Polarity Guns.

"Allows use of Polarity Gun (Polarizer) weapons. Polarizers seperate electrical charges or thermal energy between the gun and the target, then suddenly equalize the charges in a rapid and damaging blast. Each skill above Novice grants a 10% bonus to damage with these weapons."


No action is required to utilize this training. The player may invest additional training points to improve the effect. For further instructions, see: Skills window


Name Novice Training:
Polarity Gun
Layman Training:
Polarity Gun
Expert Training:
Polarity Gun
Master Training:
Polarity Gun
Elite Training:
Polarity Gun
Weapon Damage Bonus None +10% +20% +30% +40%


The Polarity Gun fires a constant stream that does damage multiple times a second, similar to the effect of a chain gun. The difference is the "charge" and "discharge" effect. While firing a polarity gun and damaging a target, the weapon "charges" in the background. When the fire button is released, the weapon "discharges" firing a large and extremely powerful orb at the target. At maximum charge, this orb deals damage equal to 10x that of the stream damage. For example, if the constant stream damage was 74 each hit, the discharged orb would deal 740 damage after maximum charge. The maximum charge time for a polarity gun is 2 seconds. In terms of ammo, the maximum charge is reached after 10 rounds have been fired - in practice, this lets you use your magazine display for precision timing when charging the polarity gun.

Ideally, one should fire a constant stream for 2 seconds then release to discharge maximum damage; repeating until the target is killed. To conserve ammunition and maximize damage output, one should always release the discharge after the maximum charge time is met unless holding the stream for slightly longer will allow the discharge effect to finish off the target.

This weapon is difficult to master, but extremely powerful in the hands of a soldier educated on its mechanics.