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Operation Devil's Strike
Stand-alone mission
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Field Lt. Brody
- Location: Walk of Giants
Reward giver: Unknown
- Location: Unknown
XP: 34000
Credits: 3400

Unknown Armor Boots Pulsar Motor Assist Armor Boots
Unknown Armor Legs Luminar Hazmat Armor Legs
Unknown Armor Legs Pulsar Stealth Armor Legs

Item0494 Overview Edit

This is a mission for the Devil's Den Instance in Concordia Palisades.

Item0490 Objective(s) Edit

Item0454 DialogueEdit

Briefing Edit

Field Lt. Brody:

"I've got a situation - How do you feel about egg clusters?"
"A couple of days ago a strike team was sent into the Devil's Den to eradicate the growing Fithik colony inside the cave system. A lot of the egg clusters needed to be destroyed one-at-a-time because of their locations. Unfortunately we've lost contact with the strike team."
"Your job will be two-fold; First, enter Devil's Den and complete the original strike team's task of destroying the Fithik eggs; second, kill the egg laying Fithik Hive Master. These creatures are somehow attached to the Bane, though we don't know in what capacity. They're tough and high in number, so make sure you have plenty of ammo. You have your orders, now get going."

Debriefing Edit

Item0473 Walkthrough Edit

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