Obstruction Destruction
Mission sequence
Requirement: Basic Training 101
Follow-up: Carpe Diem
Required Level 1
Mission giver: Commander Elvers
- Location: Denzil's Caldera
Reward giver: Commander Elvers
- Location: Denzil's Caldera
XP: 2,500
Credits: 0

Cartridges Standard Grade Cartridges 200x AND
Rifle AccuMax Rifle


Use the detonator charge to blow up the dropship blocking the pass, then report to Commander Elvers at the entrance to the trenches.


Blow up the Downed Dropship[]

Clear out the Bane assaulting the bridge[]

Clear out the Bane assaulting the bridge, then meet Commander Elvers at the start of the trenches.

Bane Eliminated 3/3



Commander Elvers:

Let's go, soldier! It's time to set you up the bomb, as it were. I've given you a detonator charge, and I need you to blow up the dropship blocking this valley. You can use the charge by finding the highlighted acceptor slot. Use [T] to plant it, then stand back and wait for the countdown to finish!
It's also a good time to tell you about your mission indicators. Keep an eye on your radar window in the lower right corner, and once you accept this mission, you'll see a yellow indicator marking the location of the dropship. Whenever you see a yellow indicator, it means a mission you are tracking requires you to do something important at that location - so it's a good idea to make it a point to visit.
Right! Enough of that - go blow that dropship out of here and meet me down by the trenches below!


Commander Elvers:

You show promise, soldier! You may make it out of here alive yet!
I've got a rifle for you to equip up before the next mission. Just drag it from your backpack [B] into your weapon tray and you'll be able to cycle between it and your pistol while you make your way to the outpost. Use the [Q] key to cycle weapons in your weapon tray.


Detonator Acceptor

  • The Detonator Acceptor is a flashing red light on the left side of the drop ship. Walk up to it until you see the triangular reticle with the "Press [T] to use" label, and press [T]. It will take a few seconds for the detonator to be placed.
  • If your character stands beside the ship when the detonator blows up, he or she will take some minor damage, but not enough to cause any serious harm.
  • In order to reach Commander Elvers and complete the mission, your character will need to cross the bridge. Be careful, a Bane dropship will unleash a few enemies on that bridge, so be ready for combat!
  • Once the Bane are defeated, wait a few seconds on the other side of the bridge for Commander Elvers to make his way over. (If you run back right after blowing the ship, you can spot the commander boarding the dropship.)