AFS War College[]

The War College is a time-honored tradition in bringing together strategic thinkers to identify, develop, and address future issues critical to a military organizations success. Members of military leadership hand-pick each year’s class to participate in the college and these select few bring with them battle-tested feedback and strategies vital to success in the ongoing war effort. The AFS understands the important role that the War College plays in learning from past skirmishes and in preparing for battles to come.

To this end, General Darkstarr and General British are pleased to announce the call-signs of the attendees of the 2008 AFS War College:

  • MrGlass
  • Woebringer
  • Line
  • Lanster
  • TankHardrive
  • PegasusMD
  • Youngblood
  • Rothnang

Participants were selected based on the quality of their field reports (including items submitted via /bug, the Feedback Form, and/or through fan site forums), level of experience, commitment to the cause, and game knowledge. The College will be held at Destination Games studios in Austin, Texas on June 13th, 2008 and will provide each participant an opportunity to spend a day with the development team talking, eating and getting a sneak peek of Deployment 10. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and clarify any issues they bring from soldiers in the field. An embedded war correspondent will be documenting this year’s events and to reporting back to the Troops.

We regret that this year’s participants could only be selected if they were in the United States and available for the selected date. For future years we hope to have participants from other countries in attendance and wish to express our appreciation to all of our dedicated members of the AFS who cannot attend, both in the United States and abroad.

Congratulations to all 2008 attendees!