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This article contains historical content. It may be a mission that was removed, a location that disappeared off the face of the planet, or a gameplay mechanic that was replaced with something else. Editing the article should be limited to clarifying the historical aspects.
  This mission has been removed from the game

Mission sequence
Requirement: Receptive Reception
Follow-up: Forming Alliances
Required Level  ??
Mission giver: Outpost Commander Rogers
- Location: Alia Das
Reward giver: Warrior Apirka
- Location: Alia Das
XP: 2000
Credits: 0

Wellcare Motor Assist Armor Legs v9 Item0318.png Ceremonial Tusk of the Boargar


Collect Six Boargar tusks and present them to Warrior Apirka at Alia Das, as a tribute to the Forean people.


Item0308.png Intact Boargar Tusk x/6



Outpost Commander Rogers:

"The best way to make nice with the Foreans is to bring them a tribute of Boargar Tusks.
The Foreans are the native race on this planet. They might seem a bit backward... even superstituous... but don't let that fool you. They're some of the best fighters I've seen. They've got their customs, though, and you'd do well to respect that. You're new here, and they won't recognize you as an ally until you've proven yourself. The first step is to present a tribute to their strongest warrior, Apirka.
There's a local critter, looks kind of like a pig. We call 'em Boargars. The Foreans use their tusks for ceremonial purposes. Hunt some down, collect their tusks and present them to Warrior Apirka. He's got a hut on the north side of the village."


Warrior Apirka:

"As a Warrior of the Tribe, I accept your gift and offer my own to you."


This mission is easy and straightforward. There are plenty of Young Forest Boargar on the south-western side of Alia Das. Kill them, collect their tusks, and once you've got 6 intact ones (the cracked ones don't count!), bring them to Warrior Apirka to receive your reward.

Boargar are neutral creatures and will not attack unless they are under attack. They are weak melee fighters, so you shouldn't have a problem to kill them unless you aggro too many at a time. They are especially susceptive to sonic damage, so if you have a sonic weapon, use it against them.

This mission is best combined with the mission Boargar Acquisition available from Dr. Munson in Alia Das. Both these missions require you to kill Boargar and to collect their remains, so you can finish both in one swipe.

The purpose of the Ceremonial Tusk of the Boargar is not known.

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