Moving Up to the Big League
Mission sequence
Requirement: The Last Stand
Follow-up: None
Required Level 3
Mission giver: Evac Pilot Constant
- Location: Destination Outpost
Reward giver: Outpost Commander Rogers
- Location: Alia Das
XP: 1,250
Credits: 400

Unknown Armor Boots Astra Motor Assist Armor Boots
AND one of
Item0000 Schematic: Dark Blue Armor Paint
Item0000 Schematic: Dark Green Armor Paint

Overview Edit

Use the dropship pad to exit Denzil's Caldera and report for active duty on Concordia Wilderness. Speak to Major Bonham on arrival to recieve further instructions.

Objectives Edit

Enter the dropship pad, deploy out, then report in to Major Bonham on Concordia Wilderness Edit

Report to Commander Rogers Edit

Report to Outpost Commander Rogers in the Command Center tent at Alia Das.

Dialogue Edit

Briefing Edit

Evac Pilot Constant:

We've got it under control from here on out, soldier. But thanks for giving us a hand!
Go ahead and step up on the dropship pad to catch the next transport out of here. Once you reach Concordia Wilderness, report in to Major Bonham. She'll get you set up and ready for active duty.

Enter the dropship pad, deploy out, then report in to Major Bonham on Concordia Wilderness Edit

Major Bonham:

They aren't kidding when they say the action never stops at Denzil's Caldera, are they? Well, looks like you made it out in one piece at least.
Things are pretty crazy around here right now. Our shipments of ammo and medical supplies are late, and Crusty's hitting us from all sides. Add to that, we've got reports of some kind of plague sweeping through the Corman settlements. You picked a hell of a week to sign on, recruit!
You'll want to check in with Commander Rogers. He's in the Command Center tent at the bottom of the hill.

Report to Commander Rogers Edit

Outpost Commander Rogers:

Well, what have we here?

Debriefing Edit

Outpost Commander Rogers:

New recruit, eh? I've got some gear ready for you. You can stow any extra in one of the footlockers in the barracks tent, across the way.
Are you ready to see some action? I've got something for you, right off!

Walkthrough Edit

  • The dropship pad is right next to Evac Pilot Constant. It is not marked with a sign or label. Just step onto it.
  • Once you enter the dropship pad, you will permanently leave the Bootcamp tutorial zone. If you want to see the scenery, make sure you take it all in before you leave!
  • Evac Pilot Constant is the first contact who does not give the debriefing for one of her own missions. You actually complete the mission by talking to Major Bonham, then Officer McHenry. This is a common occurrence. Major Bonham is directly off the dropship pad in Concordia, and Outpost Commander Rogers is in the first tent on the right when going down the ramp from the dropship pad.


Take the Bootcamp Bypass mission (where you start the game) before leaving Bootcamp, you'll be able to end both missions at once and get both rewards..