A modifier is a prefix to the name of a weapon or armor that indicates the presence of an enhancement. Equipment created (or rather, looted) with no enhancements will not have a modifier. Equipment with more than one enhancement has a modifier based on the first listed enhancement. If an item with no modifier has an enhancement added later using modification, it gets a modifier.

Rifle Voltrox Rifle
Motor Assist Armor Vest v5 Voltrox Motor Assist Armor Vest v5

Modifier list[]

Modifier name Bonus attribute Bonus effect Attribute type
Astra Spirit +x Primary
Prodigy Mind
Titan Body
Wellcare Health +x or +% Derived
Dynamo Power
Phoenix Base
Regeneration rate
ChiTech* Power +x or +% Regen.
Teleract* Armor
Vitalius* Health
Audiodyne Sonic resistance -% Damage
CryoGen Ice resistance
Hellstrom Fire resistance
Luminar Laser resistance
Olympia Physical resistance
Pathogex Virulent resistance
Pulsar EMP resistance
Voltrox Electric resistance
AccuMax Critical hit chance +% Other
Eclipse Perceived threat -%
Shinobi Armor piercing +%
Vextronics Reduce resistance -x for 5secs
Animatics Steal Adrenaline x

* Chitech, Teleract and Vitalius can have one of three differing effects. Regen: Health/Power/Armour, Steal: Health/Power/Armour or Total Health/Power/Armour Bonus.

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