Mission indicator

A mission is a journey towards a goal, usually based on a task given to the player by an allied NPC.

Note: Many players refer to a mission as a "quest", because this is the common term in many other MMORPGs. However, the official term in Tabula Rasa is "mission", and only this term shall be used in this wiki.

Missions are the main means of storytelling in the game. Through mission dialogues the player is guided and learns the necessary information to proceed with the overall game story.

Some missions are quick and easy, while other missions require quite some time, the solving of several objectives, etc.

Common mission objectives are:

  • Obtaining a certain item and delivering it to somebody
  • Killing a certain creature
  • Visiting a certain location
  • Talking to a certain NPC
  • etc.

Mission log[]

Main article: Mission log

The player may see all missions that he is currently working on, and their status, in his mission log menu. The default key to open the mission log is "L".

Mission indicators[]

Main article: Mission indicator

Mission indicators are used to guide the player towards mission objectives.

The location of objectives is marked with a yellow radio (as shown in the upper right corner of this article) on the players radar if the objective is in radar range. If an objective is out of radar range the direction is indicated with a yellow arrow at the radar perimeter.

Mission NPCs are also marked prominently with the same yellow radio icon hovering above their head. If the radio emits sound waves (visually), this indicates that a mission is complete and that a reward may be claimed.

A grey radio indicates that the NPC may have more (potentially useful) information regarding the mission, or perhaps some chatter regarding it (such as shouting at you to get it done already).

A yellow radio with a diagonal slash through it from the bottom left to the top right means that the NPC has a mission (or missions) to offer you, but you cannot accept them at the current time because you are too low level.

Mission list[]

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